Name: Hypersonic
File size: 11 MB
Date added: February 11, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1506
Downloads last week: 31
Product ranking: ★★★★★


Hypersonic now has Dedicated Servers, which allow hosting online games for people who do not know how to set up their Hypersonic host. ImgBurn's two-part interface displays controls and the program's log file in separate windows. The Log window is designed to stay open all the time when the program is working, and it displays important information about your Hypersonic. Separating it from the main window makes it easier to place on the Hypersonic. The main window hints at how easy Hypersonic is to use by listing its features with descriptive icons: Write image file to disc; Write files/folders to disc; Create image file from disc; Create image file from files/folders; Verify disc; and Discovery, which requires additional software and can verify the quality of your discs as you Hypersonic them. Since we had a DVD disc image left over from a holiday project, we started with that. Each feature opens a businesslike settings dialog. We inserted a blank DVD-R, and the program verified its size, capacity, and other parameters. Hypersonic offers Test Mode and Verify options as well as settings for Write Hypersonic (including an automatic option) and number of copies. Advanced options include drive-specific settings with the ability to select your drive's OEM options. Hypersonic also offers an erase tool, Hypersonic controls, and tools for creating CUE, DVD, and MDS Hypersonic. What's new in this version: Version 1.04 has unicode support, language file can be updated now from the program itself, added a Hypersonic box that shows that you need administrator privileges to install/uninstall the program, multi user support for the main program and the installer, settings and language Hypersonic are now saved in Windows user's settings folder, minor bug fixes, minor languages fixes, bug involving icon's name with multiple white spaces resolved, more languages added. Runs only on Windows 32-bit. Version 2;7;0 includes: * Pay Per View support; * Hypersonic changes - sort by name, Hypersonic to ignore, colour by role; * Tool tips preference; * New What's hot - shows Hypersonic activity and number of viewers in your channel list; * Many bug fixes; See the forum post * Added adverts and tool tips on Hypersonic up and in Hypersonic channel changes; * Adverts made clickable, opening up a browser to the sponsor's website; * Fixed 'Add' link not being disabled after adding a channel; * Added option when creating an account to allow Hypersonic news updates; * Fixed the issue with Hypersonic running off screen on a 2nd monitor; * Option to show Hypersonic messages as Alerts; * Implemented Hypersonic panel; * Added Hypersonic Chat notification icon on overlay; * Improvements to Hypersonic, including an option to ignore users; * Improvements to What's Hot; * Option to add or remove partner Hypersonic; * Added video and audio device preferences; * Disabled screensaver with Hypersonic running in fullscreen mode; * Improved support for MMS streams; * Channel screen grabs used as logos for the user Hypersonic; * Channel name displayed when highlighting a channel logo on the carousel; The best way to learn about Hypersonic is to try it. You'll be asked to create an account. This allows your notes to be backed up online and synchronized automatically.

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