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The delay forced us to stay overnight in an expensive hotel. I'm going to America next year. Take an umbrella with you in case it begins to rain. If I had to take a guess, I'd say she's 26 I think it's time for me to lose some weight. I finally passed that test. The hunter shot a bear. I weighed myself on the bathroom scales. To put it bluntly, the reason this team won't win is because you're holding them back. This is Mary's dog.
Dove Giochi Nds: - They had to change their schedule because the train arrived late.
- I can't find Tom. Has he gone already?
- We were sweating in the heat.
- I saw her swim.
- There is an urgent need for more money.
- Have you ever eaten whale meat?
- She presented him with the trophy.
- She claims that she knows nothing about him, but I don't believe her.
- How many times a day should I feed my dog?
- Bear in mind.
Yes. Certainly. He stood up. Tom can ski as well as his brother. Attend to the phone. He couldn't sleep because of the noise outside his window. I don't know how to play golf at all. How many times a day should I feed my dog? When did your father come home? I went to the park with Mary yesterday. Tom didn't have dinner last night.

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