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What did you have to eat? That's a good idea. Jane had a very boring weekend. Tom was sent on an errand to the store. Where did he come? She first met him at a conference in Boston. Do it by yourself. She tried it herself. He missed the last train. I've heard the French version of this song.
Mscomct2.Ocx: - Hurry up, Tom.
- How long have you been studying English?
- I have a lot of things to do.
- That is my dictionary.
- This is excellent wine.
- How was your summer?
- Twelve is an even number.
- I can't wait to go on a vacation.
- I'll wait another five minutes.
- Yes, I'm really worried he might get laid off, he just started to work there about three months ago. What do you think I should do?
Who is their homeroom teacher? He had dark brown hair. Charge this to my account. My hat blew off. There is a bank in front of the station. I had never eaten any kind of Thai food, so I was pretty excited about going to a Thai restaurant with my grandmother. He scraped the mud off his boots. I thought he was sick. May I put it here? Do I have to do it right away?

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